In addition to having the latest technology at our disposal to make our clients lives better and easier, LPM is always looking for the newest and latest ways to improve the experience of Residents in the building and to elevate your lifestyle to another level

We offer the following technology which puts us on the cutting edge of the industry:

  • Cloud based Yardi Voyager property management software #1 and most expensive software in the industry, but there is really not a close alternative. This means information is available to you quickly and we have everything we need for you at our fingertips.
  • FREE, online bill payment service. This makes it easier to pay your common charges/maintenance/rent, so you never have to worry about late fees
  • All sales and rental applications are done online, so the Board can review quickly and easily, and so the process is much smoother for the owner selling or renting their apartment
  • Payables software streamlines the process so payments go out quickly to vendors, reducing late fees
  • Online access to dedicated Board website, where all documents and conversations about all projects and issues are stored. Easy to find information, search functionality and all board and management emailed with any updates keeps all board members and management in the loop.
  • Online Owners website that allows management to communicate quickly with residents and for Owners to share information
  • Residents can view their account ledgers online, get documents needed for refinancing, complete a sales or rental application/board package, make payments, and do all of this from our website
  • We are constantly monitoring new technology such as solar power, internet of things technology to remotely monitor buildings 24 hours a day, the latest in video and security technology, accounting technology and more to assure you that you are getting the best of the best. We never rest in seeking out ways to make our clients lives safer, easier, and better overall.
  • I’ve been working with Leiter property management for a few years and only recently had the opportunity to work with them to help wtih a repair effort in a rental unit.  Maria and their staff were fantastic; very responsive, helped look out for our best interests to find the best solution for the problem at hand and very trustworthy. It’s nice to know they’re available as a resources when we need something critical done quickly. read more

    John K
  • We hired Leiter to manage our small condo building several years ago.  I have been very happy with their responsiveness and attention during that time.  Carl, our property manager, has been great and has helped us with any building issues, both large and small.  I highly recommend Leiter Property Management.  I have had nothing but positive experiences with everyone that I have dealt with at the company.

    Crista G
  • We hired Leiter as our co-op’s managing agent six months ago, and in that time they have helped us get a wide range of issues under control.  They are prompt, responsive, and a pleasure to work with.  They bring expertise in finance and construction, and relationship skills in working with our community.  It no longer feels like we have to be experts in everything, they are the experts. read more

    Christopher B
  • We rented out our apartment with Leiter and asked them to manage the rental for the period of the lease.  They were great, well organized, always there to help and on top of every issue.  They took a very balanced position with all tenant issues, which I respected as it kept us honest and ensured that the all were treated fairly.  I would recommend them to any owners or tenants.

    Karl A
  • Leiter is the property manager for our building. They have done a fantastic job. Their staff is amazing and if I ever have an issue they get back to me right away. They also try to save the owners money by giving us good people to work with such as plumbers and electricians. read more

    Jonathan B
  • Great management company.  Extremely organized, always available, professional, efficient, attentive, and quickly solves any problems the building has.  They have been managing our building for the last 4 year and we are very happy with them.

    Rafael M
  • I have been in the real estate business for many years and I am still actively a member of the board in my building.  In the seven years that I have been a board member we hired and fired about 4 managing agencies until we met David from Leiter Realty.  David is a young, ambitious professional that understand very well the concept of managing a building.  He is honest, helpful and quick to respond to any owner’s needs.  He understands new developments and knows how to approach sponsors and help bring them back to fix any issues in the building.  He has new and creative ideas for how to maintain your building.   You can always call him at any time and he will respond to your needs promptly.  I can easily say that his managing agency is the best I have yet to use.  I would highly recommend hiring him. read more

    Ra M
  • I had a wonderful experience with Leiter Realty! … At the office, the staff was very friendly and welcoming… I have recommended them to countless friends! read more

    Michele K
  • Leiter has been a game changer for our small building. We are only 9 units and most other management companies didn’t want to even give us a quote for services.  Leiter has been and continues to be extremely responsive and helpful despite our “small” size.  We were mismanaged for YEARS by another management company.  Life is much better with Leiter in our corner! I can’t recommend them highly enough!!

    Julie S


Technology is changing everything. See how the latest technology can benefit every Resident in your building and make the Board’s job easier. Contact us now for more information.