Our Story

Leiter Property Management started back in 1998 when David Leiter was purchasing small residential buildings for himself and partners.  Mr. Leiter also had also bought into coops and been on Boards for many years.  From this experience of being an owner and having to deal with other Management companies, the Leiter Management culture and business was formed. The number one philosophy was to “treat our clients properties as if they were our own”.

In the first decade of the 2000’s, a building boom took place all around NYC, as well as throughout the country.  In Williamsburg, Brooklyn, many new condominium developments were built and it soon became apparent that professional management was lacking in the area.  Most companies were from Manhattan, and couldn’t service their Brooklyn portfolio adequately, or smaller companies were servicing buildings, but lacked the systems and knowledge to do a good job.

Leiter Management soon became the “go-to” company for new Condominiums where the developer management company may have been managing the property since construction, or another company had come in, but these buildings still had a lot of problems.

The LPM team came in and solved construction issues, dealt with sponsors to get things fixed, and helped systematize and professionalize the management so these buildings could get on the right track for long-term success.

From there, the word got out and LPM was responsive, professional, honest and competent and quickly they expanded throughout North Brooklyn.

Now LPM has grown and become known throughout the city, and become “Brooklyn’s, and New York City’s, most trusted Management company”.

The success of the company has largely to do with the expert knowledge the team possesses, along with a true caring and culture that understands what it means to be an owner, and from making clients happy and those clients referring others.  Our philosophy is always to seek constant improvement and hold ourselves to a higher standard, to make sure we are offering more than any other company and doing a better job.

Come join us and see the difference the RIGHT management company makes.

Our philosophy
We truly CARE
and treat your home as if it was our own.
Why we are different
24/7 Emergency Response

We have 24 hours emergency response service and we have expert, 18 years+ experience of handling building problems and urgent issues.  Our dedicated team includes maintenance people, superintendents, contractors and doorman services if you require that.

18 years+ Experience

We have extensive experience in new developments and Condominium/Coops with construction issues and have worked with the Board in getting money from Sponsors on numerous occasions. We have read the engineer reports and deal with the contractors in correcting many of the issues in new construction.

Online Board Site 

You will get an online site for the Board to conduct all of its business in a clear layout, and that is simple to use.  You can even just respond from your email to conversations, and we can move at lightning speed to accomplish tasks by having all board members and management together at once at anytime handling issues.  All of your building documents, bids and other information is stored here for a complete history and easy access.

Online Owners Community Site

Another website for the owners will allow them to get all information they need on the building, without having to knock on a Board members door or call management.  We can also disseminate important information easily in seconds to all owners, and so can the Board.

Be part of a community

We build a community through these sites so Owners know each other better, and they can share information to help one another (babysitters, home cleaning, selling furniture, and getting and giving advice on owner issues).

Note from our Founder

Back in 1998 I bought my first property. It was a small 3 family property in Queens. I had to do everything myself from taking out the garbage, to construction. Over the years I’ve done every job in the company, from budgets to repairs, to cleaning, to dealing with contractors, major renovations and more while managing properties for my partners and I. This gives me a unique insight that was used as the basis to train everyone else in the company and launch back in 2004 into management for other peoples properties.

In addition, I worked on Wall Street in the late nineties at Credit Suisse First Boston, and I was trained in the highest levels of financial and credit analysis. This is the basis for our strict and transparent accounting systems we have in place today at LPM.

Also, as an owner of coop apartments and being on Boards, I dealt first hand with management companies. I saw what frustrated me and other Owners. Having to constantly follow up with the management company was infuriating. Not having access to clear financials drove me crazy. What was the coop/condo doing with my money? Why can’t I see what is going on? Why are they spending my money as if there is no limit? I wanted someone to care the way I did about my home/investment.

We built the whole company around just solving those issues that frustrated me back then, such as making sure that we responded quickly and were there for our clients 24 hours a day. I believe we have a higher standard because of our experience as owners. We know what it means to be on the client’s side and that experience. That philosophy of serving our clients at the highest level runs through the core of our company and culture.

Now the company runs like this with or without me. The people are amazing and our team just CARES about you and your family, and your finances. We don’t make excuses; we just get done what needs to be done and we take responsibility.

We would love to show you too what that means and how being with Leiter Management will help you realize your goals and dreams of ownership, and to make sure your building is on track for long-term success, elevate your lifestyle, and achieve the highest values for your home/investment. Thank you for taking the time to find out about us and I hope to meet you in person one day

– David Leiter

What clients say

  • I have been in the real estate business for many years and I am still actively a member of the board in my building.  In the seven years that I have been a board member we hired and fired about 4 managing agencies until we met David from Leiter Realty.  David is a young, ambitious professional that understand very well the concept of managing a building.  He is honest, helpful and quick to respond to any owner’s needs.  He understands new developments and knows how to approach sponsors and help bring them back to fix any issues in the building.  He has new and creative ideas for how to maintain your building.   You can always call him at any time and he will respond to your needs promptly.  I can easily say that his managing agency is the best I have yet to use.  I would highly recommend hiring him. read more

    Ra M
  • Leiter Property Management came to us after an exhaustive search in which our board needed to replace our prior managing agent. David Leiter and his team have been with us for the last four years and during this time they have been able to turn around a building which was very poorly organized to a first class managed property. David not only uses state of the art communication tools but has a staff of highly qualified, devoted managers that are able to tackle any situation.

    Over the years our building has needed major renovations and Leiter Property Management was able to guide us every step of the way through a highly thought out process while keeping track of an otherwise tight budget.

    Leiter Property Management has also successfully handled the normal daily operations of our building and it has never looked better.

    I would highly recommend Leiter Property Management to any building looking for a new managing agent. You couldn’t find yourself in better hands.

    Gary C
  • In the past 2 years our coop went through two property management companies.   As a board  we were exhausted, frustrated and frazzled. We needed a company that would stand by their word, be responsive and follow through.  Recommended by our accountant, Leiter Management stepped in to deliver.  They have handled long-standing issues with calm professionalism and efficiency. They keep the board informed and their online Basecamp keeps all our records, communications and action-items tracking in one place.  Our manager, Maria, is a pleasure to work with and a true partner with the board, helping to problem solve and make the best decisions for our long-term financial health.   After 6 months, we are very happy, relieved and grateful to have a management company we can really count on. read more

    Madeline K (Board President)
  • We hired Leiter Property Management after two extremely negative experiences with other management companies. After years of frustration we needed a true ally and were expecting immediate results.

    Our manager Maria handled the transition smoothly and her impact was immediate. Maria is highly professional, responsive and fast and helped the board navigating toward a clearer horizon. Everything is transparent and efficient (via basecamp) and Maria brought her expertise in finance and construction and helped us take the best decision for our building. In short, Maria and Leiter brought us peace of mind. read more

    Stephane M (board member)
  • I am the president of my condo board in Williamsburg. After having nothing but problems with our former management company, I reached out to Leiter and they stood out from the rest, so I hired them to manage our building. I am also a real estate broker and have done deals in their buildings and was always happy with their service as a broker. I have worked with landlords in 3 of their condo buildings and they all raved about Leiter. When I took them on, David Leiter, who owns the company personally came to my building and they gave us a very competitive rate, working with them and a super they provided us. Leiter is super responsive, which is the way I run my own business. They get things done immediately too and provide great service along with excellent referrals when a professional is needed. Our property manager, Carl is great too. It has only been a few months so far, but I am very impressed and would highly recommend them.

    Scott R (Board President)
  • As the management company representing our building, Leiter Realty has been instrumental in getting our new building up and running. David provided lots of face time and hand-holding to a building of first-time homebuyers who were both new to the process and eager to make all the necessary changes. David was able to help the building save money on operational costs by finding alternatives to current offerings and constantly shopping around for better rates. One of the savings came in the form of an insurance carrier that offered not only better rates, but greater coverage. David also took on the responsibility of dealing with the developer/builder and helping the board in ensuring that all promises made by the developer were kept. I could continue on with more glowing accounts of Leiter Realty Group, but will instead simply say that the board has been very pleased with David’s work and respect him greatly. His attentiveness and availability is comforting to those responsible for a buildings well being.

    Jasmin R
  • Excellent customer service! Leiter Realty Group manages our condo building and we continue to be impressed by the customer service and immediate attention we receive, especially compared to management companies we’ve experienced in the past. Recently our bathroom had water pouring down from the ceiling due to a leak upstairs (on a Sunday evening no less) and within 20 minutes of calling David, he had a plumber en route to come fix the problem. We really didn’t think we would see anyone until Monday morning but David made sure to find a solution and quickly resolved the issue. We were even able to keep our dinner plans with peace of mind he was on top of it (he even texted me with updates!!). We highly recommend the Leiter Realty Group and commend them on their rare and genuine customer service.