The LPM Difference


LPM was founded from the principle of treating our clients properties as if they were our own. As Owners, we know what it means to need responses quickly to problems, to have transparent and accurate accounting, to want our property to be clean and well maintained, and to have to budget for what we want and need.

But the one, core difference with LPM is this:  CARING.

It’s caring about the experience our clients have when they need help, whether it’s for a small accounting question, or a flood during a storm.

It’s about answering the phone 24 hours per day and being there when you need us. It’s about friendly people who want to help, and who care about you and your family and your home.

It’s about caring about your finances and making sure you are paying as little as possible for expenses, while maintaining the high standard of your property that you want and deserve.

We know how to do all of this and we do it very well. Combine our high level of service and caring with our expert knowledge of real state and management, and that becomes a rare combination in the Property Management industry.

That’s the difference that makes us one of the fastest growing management companies in NYC and #1 in North Brooklyn. We welcome you to contact us and see for yourself.

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5 Fatal Mistakes Condo & Coop Boards make that Expose them to Unlimited Liabilities

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One stop to everything you need in property management.

Do you experience any of these problems with your building currently?

  • Is management unresponsive to requests?

  • Do you have to ask over and over again for simple things?

  • You can not get financial information quickly?

  • Is financial reporting sloppy and you don’t know where you stand?

  • Is budgeting non-existent or you don’t know how your expenses compare with your budget?

  • Do you feel like you are managing the building because the management doesn’t respond?

  • Are owners constantly emailing you as the Board member or knocking on your door?  

  • Is your building not maintained and cleaned properly?

  • Do you feel you aren’t getting what you are paying for?

  • We hired Leiter to manage our small condo building several years ago.  I have been very happy with their responsiveness and attention during that time.  Carl, our property manager, has been great and has helped us with any building issues, both large and small.  I highly recommend Leiter Property Management.  I have had nothing but positive experiences with everyone that I have dealt with at the company.

    Crista G
  • Leiter is the property manager for our building. They have done a fantastic job. Their staff is amazing and if I ever have an issue they get back to me right away. They also try to save the owners money by giving us good people to work with such as plumbers and electricians. read more

    Jonathan B
  • I’ve been working with Leiter property management for a few years and only recently had the opportunity to work with them to help wtih a repair effort in a rental unit.  Maria and their staff were fantastic; very responsive, helped look out for our best interests to find the best solution for the problem at hand and very trustworthy. It’s nice to know they’re available as a resources when we need something critical done quickly. read more

    John K
  • We hired Leiter as our co-op’s managing agent six months ago, and in that time they have helped us get a wide range of issues under control.  They are prompt, responsive, and a pleasure to work with.  They bring expertise in finance and construction, and relationship skills in working with our community.  It no longer feels like we have to be experts in everything, they are the experts. read more

    Christopher B
  • Great management company.  Extremely organized, always available, professional, efficient, attentive, and quickly solves any problems the building has.  They have been managing our building for the last 4 year and we are very happy with them.

    Rafael M
  • I had a wonderful experience with Leiter Realty! … At the office, the staff was very friendly and welcoming… I have recommended them to countless friends! read more

    Michele K
  • Leiter has been a game changer for our small building. We are only 9 units and most other management companies didn’t want to even give us a quote for services.  Leiter has been and continues to be extremely responsive and helpful despite our “small” size.  We were mismanaged for YEARS by another management company.  Life is much better with Leiter in our corner! I can’t recommend them highly enough!!

    Julie S
  • We rented out our apartment with Leiter and asked them to manage the rental for the period of the lease.  They were great, well organized, always there to help and on top of every issue.  They took a very balanced position with all tenant issues, which I respected as it kept us honest and ensured that the all were treated fairly.  I would recommend them to any owners or tenants.

    Karl A

The question is, how long are you going to put up with this, and what is it REALLY costing you that you may not even be aware of?

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24/7 Emergency Response

We have 24 hours emergency response service and we have expert, 18 years+ experience of handling building problems and urgent issues.  Our dedicated team includes maintenance people, superintendents, contractors and doorman services if you require that.

18 years+ Experience

We have extensive experience in new developments and Condominium/Coops with construction issues and have worked with the Board in getting money from Sponsors on numerous occasions. We have read the engineer reports and deal with the contractors in correcting many of the issues in new construction.

Online Board Site 

You will get an online site for the Board to conduct all of its business in a clear layout, and that is simple to use.  You can even just respond from your email to conversations, and we can move at lightning speed to accomplish tasks by having all board members and management together at once at anytime handling issues.  All of your building documents, bids and other information is stored here for a complete history and easy access.

Online Owners Community Site

Another website for the owners will allow them to get all information they need on the building, without having to knock on a Board members door or call management.  We can also disseminate important information easily in seconds to all owners, and so can the Board.

Be part of a community

We build a community through these sites so Owners know each other better, and they can share information to help one another (babysitters, home cleaning, selling furniture, and getting and giving advice on owner issues).

FREE Online Payments

FREE online bill payments can be set up easily, which means less paperwork, and less headaches with you handling your monthly charges due.

Online sales and rental app processing

ONLINE processing of all sales and rental applications, which makes it easier for you to process these transactions. Now everything is online, and this make the process quicker, and cheaper for you to get your sale or rental done

Partnership with LEADING NYC Real Estate Broker

We have a partnership with Douglas Elliman, the leading NYC Real Estate Broker, to produce quarterly data reports for each of our buildings, and have a building specialist assigned should you want to sell or rent. These Specialists, have first-hand knowledge of your building specifics, which gives them a clear advantage over other brokers when the decision comes to sell. (no obligation to use Elliman, this is just an added-value service for free).

Save Money on Supplies and Contractors

Leverage our 18+ years of great relationships with service providers to get better pricing on construction/renovation work, repairs, plumbing, electrical work, supplies and general maintenance.

Expert Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Hi-level and  expert cleaning and maintenances services from our full-time, fully insured staff of friendly and attentive people.

Yardi Voyager Software

We use Yardi Voyager, the premiere #1 property management software in the industry which allows us to have all of your building information at our fingertips, so you get quicker responses, and transparent and accurate financial reporting.  Don’t be fooled by other companies that are using cheaper imitations or rely just on quickbooks as their management and accounting tool.  There is a difference when it comes to the ability of the software to provide the tools for management to do it’s job effectively and in giving the highest level of financial reporting.

Where will current management get you and your building too? How does poor management affect the value of your property if and when you sell?

Buyers will want a good management company and they will know quickly by the responsiveness when a deal is in place. If you don’t have proper financial reporting, buyers attorneys could advise against the deal.

We have gone into many buildings who “put up with” non-performing management too long and the longer you wait the more you may be negatively affecting the value of your property.

We view management of your property as asset/investment management, and not just the cleaning, maintenance and bookkeeping that many companies believe is what management is.

We take very seriously the fact that you have spent a significant amount of money to buy your home/investment and we will never betray your trust in us.

You can change everything now with Leiter Property Management.

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One stop to everything you need in property management.